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I am a person who longs for better days to come and I’ve always felt that there is more to life that what the world shows us.

Who am I? Who is God? Why am I here? Questions and ponderings that are often in my thoughts. 

With each moments in life, whether in sorrow or joy, and in pure light, I see myself ever so clearer.

My Testimony

       As a person before receiving Jesus Christ as my Saviour and my Lord… I was the type of person the general public would regard as a skeptical loner. It didn’t help that I was a perfectionist as well… I didn’t trust or believe any facts or information that have been shown to me and would always look them up. Double checking them and sometimes even triple. I was a person who wanted to be “safe and secure” in almost everything I do. In my past, I found it hard to trust people, hard to really put my hopes in them. Hence U didn’t have many friends. Ever since I was a teenager, I often experienced the pains and disappointments with love or crushes. I was so used to it that I developed a mentality of hiding my feelings deep within me, I built a wall around me. I felt that I could do everything by myself and I didn’t need anyone’s help or sympathy. No one could get close to me, to really know what I was thinking or how I was feeling. No one until the very year I entered Form 6 (pre-university education).

        In Form 6, I met a few individuals that gradually “opened” me up and over time, we became good friends that could relate with one another. With them I didn’t feel alone anymore, I found friends that I could trust and talk to. Friends that didn’t take my feelings for granted. Friends that were prepared to listen, to talk and to share life. In my time I have spent with them, I observed their behaviour. Questions came – Why are they like this? How come they are always this “warm”? I knew they were Christians and I learnt about Christianity in my education but I didn’t really “know” what Christianity is all about. To me it was just another interesting religion. I didn’t grasp the message of Christ then.

        Like all teenagers, there were gals that I have placed my heart and hopes upon them. Time and time again, I find my hearts crushed and my hopes dashed. It left a wound deep inside of me, an emptiness in me, a vacuum I was yearning to fill. I felt bitter and wondered why I put myself into these situations all the time.

       It was at this time of depression that I was pushed to the limits of my emotions. I didn’t have anywhere to hide my bitterness and sorrow, I couldn’t bear to carry it alone much longer. I thought about dying all the time. And it was during these difficult time of my life that my group of friends provided me with a place of refuge. They were always there when I needed counsel and encouragement.

       The Lord was beginning to work in my heart, guiding me towards Him. I grew curious about Christianity and I started to learn more from the Bible. Timothy, one of my buddies, shared much with me as well. He was the first person who gave me my first Bible where I could read about Jesus and His sacrificial work on the cross.

       Then the night came when I felt I could not hide all my sorrows and bitterness inside any longer, I cried out for help. It was then then name of Jesus Christ came into my mind. I recalled all the difficult times I’ve gone through and somehow knew that Jesus was there were me all along. I confessed all my sins to Him. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour that night.

       It was through all the sufferings that the eyes of my heart were opened. I found a Person that was always there with me since the beginning. He was waiting for me from the very beginning. He is someone who truly understands me and gives me a new meaning to life.

       In my new life, I started to really learn and know what it means to be “alive”. Even though I encountered stirrings in my heart, I knew that the Lord is watching over me and He knows my desires. I have committed my heart and my hope to the Lord. Hope is what keeps me going every morning when I wake up, praying for His guidance, comfort, protection, blessings and counsel. Only in Him I would find rest.

      As I continue my life of gratitude, service and worship, I pray that I will continue to change into the person that He has designed me to be. I know I will make mistakes in the future but I know there is a forgiving Father who watches over His children. 

      It was appropriate when I took up my new name – Gabriel. Though at first I didn’t like it, I knew somehow that God wanted me to keep it. It was not a few years into my new life that I understood the meaning of my name. Gabriel means “God is my strength” in Hebrew. The name reminds me that in all things, God is the source of my strength.

“Previously I spoke of love’s wound, yet I now speak of the Greatest Love I have found through despair. In God I place my trust and my heart. I will not be afraid anymore. – Gabriel”