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Reminds me that its a beautiful world…. Check out National Geographics Photography contest results for 2010

Click here for the amazing pictures..

A word to describe Airbus latest concept – Brilliant!

Ahh… gone are the aircraft conceptualizing days for me… :S Wonder how the stress test is like for the airframe. And what aircraft skin material will be used. 🙂 And that looks like a hyperjets… hmm.. 2050? another 40 years… hmm…. possible?   

For more “goodies” by Airbus – click here! Promoting Airbus somemore.. haha Lets see if Boeing comes up with something better.

Hah! Creative! 🙂

Heres the link. On a serious note – its good planning and preparedness. 🙂


Pastor Jim Yost today shared about common folk making waves in the kingdom of God. I was encouraged. And in the end, when he shared about going for our dreams, my heart’s string was struck and I remembered.

What was my dream? I had many dreams… speaking to a congregation of youths about life. Playing the guitar and leading worship & praise for God. I remembered reading, witnessing and hearing about the life of Steven Curtis Chapman, my role model. His family, his music, his testimony … Praise God for all that He has done thus far.

And to just strike another string in my heart, my Ellie bought me a gift. “Beauty will rise” by Steven Curtis Chapman. Its been quite a while since I’ve enjoyed Steven’s music. God often speaks volumes to me through his songs. Timely to receive such a gift when I’m starting my leave of one week today.

Will I still be able to chase after my dream?

More blessed to give

I had an idea for some time now… its comes in different thoughts and ideas but always the same principle. I’m thinking of the Lord’s teaching – ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ~ Acts 20:35.

I don’t think its a new idea and someone around the world would have probably done it. But if it is carried out and the idea spreads around the society and impacts its culture, all praise to God. 🙂

Part of the reason why this idea came up was because I observed that people groups and even generational groups today (in general, don’t shoot me.) are moving towards self-gratification, self-centredness and the “me first” attitude. Society are more concerned about material things or money rather than relationships. Observe the working trends, the emphasis on material things. The focus has definitely shift from the family, people and relationships. Even the family unit, the building blocks of society and nations, are in danger. Just look at the divorce trends and the compromises we have made in regards to the sanctity of marriage, BGR, sexual relations.

So… what has this got to do with “blessing to give”? I think it would be a good place to start if we were to shift our focus from ourselves to those around us. Hence give.

I was writing on the FB just now about how we so often forget that the faces we see each day, the guy who takes up our garbage, the lady who takes our Starbucks orders, the cashier at the counter, even the guy/ lady sitting in the next cubicle has a life of his/her own outside the working environment. Each is a father, a son, daughter, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, wife, husband or a friend. We are all in desperate need of encouragement and a little cheering up at times. Imagine the smile and brightening up it would bring them if somehow a blessing drops on their lap. Blessings can come in many guises – maybe even a thank you note (well done, good job), or a cup of coffee (Starbucks/ Coffeebean) or a little card that tells them they are loved, or a seat given up for them or even as simple as a cup of cold water.

I wrote about the agenda of this “campaign-in-the-making” I was brewing with the fellow leaders… Some of the objectives of this idea was to:

(1.) Promote the teaching of Jesus “Its more blessed to give than to receive”. To help people discover what that really me…ans at the end of the day. The joy that comes with giving.

(2.) To help YA (young adults) nowadays to be more conscious of people around them, especially those in need. Sometimes, we forget those people that we work with or the people serving in the cafe or wherever, that there is a life behind those service and God has a gift for everyone. 🙂

(3.) It is also to promote the traits of generosity among our YA and next gen. To be less attached to things and more concerned about people.

(4.) See God at work around us and join Him. 🙂

(5.) To give a little encouragement here and there…

I too was saved from my self-centredness by God and one of the many teachings He impressed on me was to give of myself. Time, money etc. God used this teaching to mold part of me. 🙂 Praise God.

So more about these ideas… If we can get people to commit to the idea for say 1 week to bless ONE person each day, we can start a wall on facebook or a webpage to put down testimonies as an encouragement to everyone about people’s response after being blessed. 🙂 Did we see a smile? a slight jump in their walk? A little laugh? Dark clouds dispersing? 🙂 And this goes on for a whole week… the idea is picked up by others and emulate around society. And it spreads around the nation.. wow. 🙂 The catch. – we can only bless (with intention of this idea) people we don’t really know, strangers or perhaps people we are acquainted with. Family members and loved ones or closed friends are not within the scope of this idea. (Of course you can still bless them outside this idea). The blessing should be simple and can easily be repeated by another inspired person. 🙂

I wonder what would happen… hmmm…

The buried life… ?

I was chilling the other day in front of the tv after a long day/ night of work … a thing called “going into the cave” for guys. It seems to ring true for me. After a long stressful time, I would take some time to just relax… go back into my cave, settle myself before I come out of the cave into the real world…. so here I was chilling in my cave when this show came up – The Buried Life.. Although I don’t buy into their perspective that this life is the only life and we should live the fullest at all cost, their concept made me think a bit… As a citizen of the kingdom, this life is merely the beginning of my life … the 80-100+ years is a time of preparation for us for the coming kingdom and yet it holds many great things for us. God’s will for us is perfect and pleasing and good for our life… Its been a blast and still is, when I think about the things I’ve seen and experienced.. God’s grace. 🙂

So here this thought came in – what are the things you would like to do before you die? … the task in that night’s programme was “tell a joke on a late night show” something along that line..So they approached all the famous late night shows – Leno, Conan, Letterman etc… cut the story short, they ended up tellig the joke in Mexico. 🙂

Thought to myself – what are the things that I most want to do? Here goes…

1. Experience life in Tokyo (though not the metropolitan life – the slow peaceful life)

2. Visit Antartica and see the aurora.

3. To visit the largest aquarium or ocean park in the world. (I thought about swimming with whales or going into the deep blue sea but it still too big for me. Stupid Jaws show. I still find the ocean a fascinating place.)

4. Spend a few days in London and watch the theatre.

5. Visit Jerusalem and experience God there.

6. Visit new Zealand and have a drive all over the country

7. Spend a night on the sea, looking at the stars and go deep sea fishing.

8. Skydiving.

9. Learn to make a tray of sushi professionally.

10. Bring my parents for a “around the world” trip.

11. Witness my family members being baptized.

12. Raising 2 kids and watch them grow.

13. Visit the sakura gardens and drink rice wine during the festival there.

14. Retire as an owner of a cafe (serving choiced coffee, pastries and blues in the background) and growing old with friends and loved ones.

15. Write a book about life, love and everything I find interesting…

16. Travel many places, experience many things, eat many types of food and see many sights with my loved one. 🙂

.. thats about all I can think about for now. 🙂 What would you like to do?


Was gonna blog about loads of stuff like… my proposal… Perth trip…random stuff about YACG… Bobby and the Global Day of Prayer. All would be accompanied by photos of course… then I came across this…

I was amazed… God “made” the first transformer. :p haha!

Origins of kung fu?? Haha! Maybe thats where DreamWorks got the inspiration for Kung Fu Panda? :p Or maybe the bear watched the movie.

Shining Through

Yesterday was another experience Ellie and I shared together. We had free tickets to the premier of Shining Through by the Canticle Singers at Istana Budaya.

They had great vocals. 🙂 And stamina as pointed out by Ellie’s sis. A few songs caught my attention as the rest was good but was something I would expect to find in a audio concert. There was two parts to the performance. Part 1 was only vocals and part 2 involves movement.

Of course, I’m very much in favor of Part 2. 🙂 Nevertheless, there were some songs in Part 1 that amazed me. Like the piece on Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde… the switch in the “mood” and “tempo” (obviously I’m not a music person) was unexpectedly smooth. I guess my measure of “amazing” in a performance is when the music stirs the emotion in you.

In Part 2, I loved the choreography and how the choir invited the guests to participate. Lovely old songs like Banana boat song, Baba yetu and other songs were entertaining.

Now, at least, I know the lyrics to the banana boat song and the story behind it. 🙂 I’ve always wondered why the lyrics would sing out “Come mr. taliban tali me ba-nana” haha! Turns out its “come mr. tally man, tally me banana… daylight come and me wan go home.”

And baba yetu – the first piece of Part 2, a nice swahili song composed by Christopher Tin. It is a rendition of the Lord’s Prayer. Lovely. Another amazing fact of this song is that it is one of the songs in a computer game – Civilization 4. Haha something for everyone I guess…


Faith & Doubt

I had a nice time catching up with ma buddies before he leaves for another shore and I was just jesting around.. the conversation turned to doubt and faith and I quoted “Doubt is the beginning of faith, someone once said that..” The statement was greeted with disbelief and shock! haha! :p

Anyway I did remember someone said that so when I went back I did a google search on faith and doubt… heres what I found.

  • Chinese proverb – “With great doubts come great understanding; with little doubts come little understanding.”
  • French proverb – “Only the one who knows nothing doubts nothing.”
  • Blaise Pascal – “One must know when it is right to doubt, to affirm, to submit. Anyone who does otherwise does not understand the force of reason.”
  • Francis Bacon – “If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”
  • Martin Luther – “Knowledge and doubt are inseparable to man. The sole alternative to “knowledge-with-doubt” is no knowledge at all. Only God and certain madmen have no doubts!”
  • Alfred Lord Tennyson – “There lives more faith in honest doubt, Believe me, than in half the creeds.”
  • George MacDonald – “Doubt can be a tool in God’s hand weilded, in the lives of those who allow it, for the strengthening, not the destruction of faith.”
  • C. S. Lewis – “If ours is an examined faith, we should be unafraid to doubt. If doubt is eventually justified, we were believing what clearly was not worth believing. But if doubt is answered, our faith has grown stronger. It knows God more certainly and it can enjoy God more deeply.”

I can’t decide which quote I like best about doubt and faith… kinda like Francis Bacon’s quote and C.S. Lewis. .. Lewis more. 🙂

Melon + Fun = ?

I’ve been saying this quote alot lately… contrary to my natural temperament. Melons (melancholies) are generally known for their (deeper than most) perspective or insight in things (life, self, world, etc..) and in this fallen world, its not much to be happy about….it takes alot of intentional focus and effort to notice the good things in life. Often it would be staring right into our eyes but we would be oblivious to it, for some reasons. Having the insight can be both a blessing and a curse. As Solomon have discovered much earlier than I – For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief. ~ Ecclesiastes 1:18. I think I can understand what he meant. Not saying I’m wise and all but I noticed enough… 🙂

I have been careful not to let myself get to engrossed with life’s downturn. But rather try to look at things in a positive perspective. Much of my younger years have been spent looking at shadows, I’d like to face the light for the remaining years. Some may call it hope, faith, whatever it is.. it is good, wholesome, pleasant to think of such things.

Well I’m not here to talk about melons and sorrow too much.

“Have a little fun everyday.” …. If we don’t enjoy life, how do we teach others? What makes this life worth living if we are to be unhappy everyday? Seeking fortunes and grilling ourselves every single day so that tomorrow, we can enjoy ~ a phrase often quoted by many. For some of them, tomorrow would never come. They would spend half, if not most of their lives storing the “wealth” and the “grain” for tomorrow only to find that they have not really lived or have not really gain anything that is of importance but lost much that matters.

Ah… I think I’m getting too deep again. I wanted to blog about having fun, – enjoying life. We’re all much too stressed up every single day with work, family, money, worries of life. We are much to anxious about tomorrow. By we meaning people in general.

Life breathed into us for many a purpose. The most direct answer would be to be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground. ~ Genesis 1:28.

I also believe that God wants us to enjoy life. To discover His manifold glory that is revealed in the world around us. To enjoy them and to reflect back His glory to God by praises and worship. Life is enjoyable, I couldn’t imagine why we would seek after life eternal if it is not. Some scholars would even say that eternal life begins the moment we surrender ourselves to Jesus Christ.

So I would like to encourage everyone (even myself) to find the little things in life to enjoy. To give thanks to God for His blessings. To enjoy life. To use some of the effort we put into our work, commitments, responsibilities into enjoy the “little things in life” that often points to the bigger things in life. 

Reflect more. Laugh a little more. Don’t take yourselves too seriously. Spread some cheer. Forgive. Love….. Enjoy life, you only get to go through it once.

You + Joy = (You fill in the blanks)

Have a little fun everyday.